Fuel Cells UK recently met with the representatives of the HM Treasury to follow up and build on an earlier meeting and subsequent correspondence. The Association was represented by Dennis Hayter, Chair, Rex Vevers from Ceres Power, and Celia Greaves and Natalia Zglobisz from Synnogy. Earlier in the year we submitted a series of policy recommendations (link provided) to the Treasury, calling for a robust programme of support for fuel cells to ensure that they realise their potential contribution to policy objectives.  This included funding of £75 – £100 million for product development and £100 – £150 million for demonstration over the next five years. The latest meeting provided an opportunity to highlight the benefits which fuel cells can bring to the UK economy and to explore the role Treasury plays in current policy developments. The topics discussed also included Fuel Cells UK’s response to Renewable Financial Incentives Consultation. Treasury expressed its desire to meet with the Association on the regular basis. A copy of our follow-up correspondence can be found here.

Fuel Cells UK in dialogue with the Treasury