Fuel Cells UK has prepared a couple of factsheets to show the real status of fuel cell technology. Factsheet 1: ‘Did you know that…’ contains key statistics on fuel cell use in transport, stationary and portable applications as well as data on hydrogen, the fuel cell and hydrogen industry, research and academic activities in the UK, international support for fuel cells and green job creation. Among other interesting facts, you can find out how many stationary fuel cells have been installed globally, how many hydrogen refuelling stations operates worldwide and what the estimated size of the world fuel cell industry is. Factsheet 2: ‘Myths vs. realities’ addresses the common myths about fuel cells and hydrogen by providing arguments on the real status of the industry. It highlights that fuel cells are already available commercially, that hydrogen is at least as safe as other commercially available fuels etc.
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Fuel Cells UK factsheets reveal the real status of fuel cell deployment and commercialization