Our industry stands at a crossroads.  New drivers, such as the growing evidence of how fuel cells and hydrogen can address societies needs, together with a range of ‘green’ Government initiatives are hanging in the balance against significant cuts in public spending, reviews of existing support mechanisms, and possible policy adjustments which could leave fuel cells and hydrogen on the fringes.

On the 30th of March 2011, as part of the ‘Generating the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Society’ conference at Birmingham’s NEC, UK HFCA will hold a special session for everyone interested in hearing about the Association’s latest campaign aimed at ensuring that fuel cells and hydrogen can reach their full potential in the UK.

The next few months will be vital to the industry’s long term success, and the UK HFCA is already working hard to get the industry what it needs. Following the merger of our parent organisations, we are growing by the week, with new members helping to strengthen our voice and influence. Please join us for our special meeting to hear how we will make a difference and how you can contribute to the common industry effort in enhancing the positioning of fuel cell and hydrogen energy across the UK energy landscape.

Special session on the UK HFCA new campaign, as part of the ‘Generating the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Society’ conference, Gallery Suite, NEC, Birmingham, 30 March 2011