On the 10th March 2011, the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association submitted its response to the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Consultation, calling on Government to pay particular attention to the diverse needs of the future energy and technology mix, and ensure that unintended consequences are avoided. There is a risk that the proposed design may establish unanticipated disincentives for the wider decarbonisation of the UK’s energy mix. The UK HFCA sees substantial potential for hydrogen energy and the widespread deployment of fuel cells as part of a reformed electricity market. The EMR principles must protect this potential. Hydrogen and fuel cells offer key opportunities to build UK skills, jobs, and competitiveness in a low carbon world, and the details of the EMR must ensure maximum opportunity for these UK capabilities to be deployed.

You can download the full response document here.

The UK HFCA response to the Electricity Market Reform Consultation highlights the need to ensure that the design is able to accommodate the opportunities offered by hydrogen and fuel cells