On 30th March, the UK HFCA submitted its response to the Energy and Climate Change Committee’s Consultation on Energy Security. The Response contributed to the Committee’s examination of the links between UK security of supply, energy independence, and the factors influencing these. It focused on those aspects of the consultation of most relevance to the sector, including the needs of the future energy and technology mix, in an area which both supports and challenges the current status quo.

Because of associated supply / demand matching, low transport costs, and wide process options, the UK HFCA see substantial potential for a hydrogen energy, generation infrastructure and widespread deployment of fuel cells as part of a reformed electricity market and, even more critically, in addressing the dependence on natural gas for heat and oil for transport. Realising this potential requires hydrogen to be produced at various scales within the energy system, including the potential role of electrolysis for managing and storing the increasing proportion of time-varying renewable power in the power system.

Fuel cells offer innovative help in a range of applications otherwise dependent on fossil fuel combustion. Increasing potential exists across segments of the electricity industry to apply electrolyser and fuel cell technologies. This will help to deliver the whole spectrum of UK de-carbonisation, diversity and security of supply and fuel poverty objectives.

The ability for hydrogen to allow fuel source shifting gives a unique opportunity for UK to diversify its industrial skills at the same time as addressing energy security across power, transport, and heat.

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UK HFCA’s Submission to the Energy and Climate Change Committee’s Consultation on Energy Security