ACAL Energy has achieved key milestones in the development of its FlowCath® platinum-free liquid cathode fuel cell technology. The Company has completed the build of its first field test system, producing gross power of 3kW. At the same time the company has also achieved a new record peak performance power density of nearly 900 mW/cm2, which is a substantial improvement over the previously announced peak power record of around 600 mW/cm2.

ACAL Energy has built its first FlowCath demonstration unit, and will install the unit next month at Solvay Interox’s chemical plant at Warrington, Cheshire. There, it will provide continuous electrical power to a remote environmental monitoring system within the manufacturing facility. The stack and regenerator sub-systems in the demonstration unit are together capable of producing over 3kW of gross electrical power and represent a significant scale-up from the previous generation test unit which produced about 1kW of gross power.

The demonstration system is part of a collaborative project that ACAL Energy is leading, co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board. The project is seen as a major step towards commercialisation for this innovative technology, and is supported by ACAL Energy’s partners: Solvay, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, UPS Systems, the Centre for Process Innovation, the University of Southampton and the Manufacturing Engineering Centre at Cardiff University.

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ACAL Energy Achieves Key Milestones in Development of New Fuel Cell Technology