UPS Systems has supplied one of its new hydrogen fuel cells, the Mobixane, to documentary makers Renegade Pictures. The fuel cell gives Renegade Pictures a virtually silent portable power supply for its 3D camera equipment, which it is using to film a new Sky TV series about Woburn Safari Park.

Renegade Pictures will be filming on location around the safari park. Its 3D cameras require more power than conventional cameras, and the fuel cell will provide the electricity required to power the extra equipment. Renegade Pictures is using an ex-army truck to help transport its film equipment around the park, and to protect the crew from the wild animals.

The Mobixane portable hydrogen fuel cell can generate up to 2.5kW of power and is being supplied for use as a free-standing or mobile unit so that the production crew can easily transport the unit between locations. The fuel cell is supplied as standard with sufficient hydrogen storage to run at peak load for up to eight hours. Simply changing hydrogen cylinders enables the film crew to run the unit for any length of time.


Fuel cell used by the film crew at Woburn Safari Park