ITM Power announced a new partnership agreement with the EcoIsland Consortium – the largest single sustainability project in the UK involving a range of leading organisations such as IBM, Toshiba, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), Southern Water, Cable&Wireless Worldwide and now also ITM Power which will provide hydrogen energy storage and clean fuel technologies for integration into the renewable energy smart grid system being developed on the Isle of Wight.

The EcoIsland project brings together within a single island energy system a critical mass of smart energy technologies to demonstrate how a future energy system can be configured. With renewable generation including wind, solar, tidal and geothermal the island will need to match supply and demand using battery energy storage, hydrogen energy storage and demand side management. These technologies will be coordinated centrally by smart grid technologies supplied by IBM, Cable&Wireless Worldwide, SSE and Toshiba.

ITM Power is the hydrogen fuel partner and will supply hydrogen refueling equipment controlled by smart grid technology to optimize both renewable energy storage and the provision of fuel to both fuel cell vehicles and Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine commercial vehicles. The intention is that the island will also be a showcase for advanced low emission hydrogen vehicles being launched from 2013.

Up to four refueling systems are planned for the first phase of deployment on the island demonstrating the scale-ability of the technology and rapid response demand side reserve. The project will also present an opportunity for the Company to showcase its unique domestic scale products – HBox Solar and HFill which respectively offer hydrogen generation directly from solar PV (even in situations where there is no electricity grid) and home hydrogen refuelling.

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ITM Power and EcoIsland Partnership sign agreement for the provision of hydrogen energy storage and clean fuel technologies for the Isle of Wight