Some £3 million of UK government funding has been allocated to seven research projects into areas including catalysts and membranes to establish hydrogen storage infrastructure and fuel cells incorporating nanomaterial.

Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells is among the companies leading one of the projects. The others are Alstom Grid UK Ltd, C-Tech Innovation Ltd, Cella Energy Ltd, Compound Semiconductor Technologies Global Ltd, Intrinsiq Materials Ltd and Sharp Laboratories Europe.

The funding awards will be made by the Technology Strategy Board and are designed to demonstrate the materials to support the development of tomorrow’s energy technologies. In a statement, the Technology Strategy Board said: “The UK faces a number of challenges around energy supply, cost and security, because of the need to reduce both national and global CO2 emissions.

“This has created a need for the UK to adopt a balanced portfolio of energy technologies.”

In addition to fuel cells and hydrogen storage, the research projects focus on high-grade waste heat recovery photovoltaic materials and composite insulation for power transmission applications.

The awards, which will be matched by the participating businesses, follow successful applications by the companies to the Materials for Energy competition for R&D funding.



Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells receives Government funding for research in catalysts and membranes to establish hydrogen storage infrastructure