On the 12th January 2012, UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association’s submitted its response to the “Consultation on proposals for the levels of banded support under the Renewables Obligation for the period 2013‐17 and the Renewable Obligations Order 2012” published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change in October 2011.

In the submission, the UKHFCA advocated for Government policy to encourage the deployment of the most efficient technologies, rather than to be prescriptive about particular means of renewable electricity generation. The Renewables Obligations Order 2012 and new banding levels must protect the potential for hydrogen and fuel cells, and other high efficiency, low carbon technologies, to be deployed as part of anaerobic digestion, landfill and sewage gas projects.

Given the growing importance of energy storage in the management of the UK electricity network, UK HFCA also appealed to the Government to provide clarification on the Government’s proposals to accelerate the take‐up of energy storage technologies under the existing renewable energy support schemes.

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UK HFCA responds to the consultation on the future of Renewables Obligation