The UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UK HFCA) is delighted to welcome the launch of a new fleet of fuel cell electric taxis in London which coincided with the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

This is the third successive Olympiad where fuel cell vehicles formed a part of the local transportation infrastructure for the host city. In 2008 in Beijing, a fleet of fuel cell electric vehicles was deployed and the 2010 winter Games in Vancouver saw the largest fleet of fuel cell powered buses operating in the world to date. In London during the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, VIP guests and officials are getting the chance to ride in a symbolic London black cab powered with fuel cells.

Five London black cabs have been deployed in London as part of the HyTEC (Hydrogen Transport for European Cities) project which launched officially on the 20 July 2012. The taxis have been developed by the UK-based Intelligent Energy, who provided the fuel cell systems for the vehicle power-train, and The London Taxi Company, who build and supply the iconic London black cab. Taxis are refuelled at the new SmartFuel hydrogen refuelling station sited at Heathrow Airport supplied by Air Products.

London is promoting hydrogen and fuel cell based mobility to deliver cleaner air and better quality of life in the UK capital. Unlike diesel or petrol equivalents, fuel cell electric vehicles have no emissions at the point of use and offer significant carbon reductions. London has already been host of fuel cell buses operating on the scenic RV1 route running from Covent Garden, next to the London Eye to the Tower of London. Fuel cell taxis are adding to the portfolio of the clean transport solutions in London, showcasing the best of British technology.

Diana Raine, Air Products Business Manager & HyTEC Coordinator said:

‘HyTEC is a major step forward in developing the first network of hydrogen refuelling stations in the UK, making the capital a very attractive place to deploy hydrogen vehicles.  What a great achievement for the UK – Showing a global audience the fuel cell, zero emission taxis, being operated and refuelled in London during the Olympic Games!’ 

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Hydrogen Transport for European Cities (HyTEC) project is a partnership between two cities – London and Copenhagen. Both cities have taken political decisions to be early adopters of hydrogen technology and will work together in a pan-European partnership to implement this vision. A European consortium of 17 members from 5 member states has been assembled to deliver the project. For further information, visit

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London heads for gold with fuel cell electric black cabs