In an article published today in the Financial Times, Ian Williamson, a Director of the UK HFCA and Chief Executive of AFC Energy, raised concerns at the “mixed messages” being given out by the coalition.  His comments were in response to a warning from the EEF that “UK green technology output is faltering, jeopardising hopes of achieving a potential £880bn boost to the economy by 2050” and calls for the Government “focus more on innovation and provide greater regulatory stability”.

Mr Williamson argued that a “reasonable proportion” of AFC’s manufacturing will probably be transferred to other countries due to lack of support within the UK.  He and other members of the UK HFCA are campaigning for a feed-in tariff to provide a guaranteed uplift above the standard price.  Uplifts of this type are increasingly common elsewhere, with levels of 5-6 times that of the standard electricity price available in South Korea.

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UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UK HFCA) Campaign receives national press coverage