The UK’s first Hydrogen ferry, the Hydrogenesis, started passenger operations in Bristol from Saturday 20thApril 2013Built in Bristol, the 11m steel vessel hydrogen powered ferry operating on Bristol’s historic floating harbour was commissioned by Bristol City Council in 2010 as part of its Green Capital initiatives. Named in February 2012, following a local schools competition, the “Hydrogenesis” has been designed and built by Bristol Hydrogen Boats, a local consortium formed by the directors of Bristol Packet Boat Trips, Number Seven Boat Trips and Auriga Energy. Powered by a 12kW fuel cell via two west country produced permanent magnet DC motors, the ferry carries 12 passengers and two crew. The hydrogen fuel and refuelling station for the ferry are supplied by Air Products.

The award winning Hydrogenesis will operate throughout the summer season in a demonstration project defined to open the doors to the emerging zero-emission hydrogen economy.

The UK’s first Hydrogen ferry, the Hydrogenesis, initiates passenger operations in Bristol