The UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UK HFCA) was pleased to be able to contribute to a broadcast on Radio 4’s pm programme on Thursday 21st  November 2013 on the prospects for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs).  The broadcast was prompted by the launch at the Tokyo motor show on Wednesday of Toyota’s FCEV concept car.  Dennis Hayter, Chair of the UK HFCA, highlighted the customer benefits of FCEVs, the contribution to policy targets of wide-spread deployment, the current scale of activity, the safety record of hydrogen, and the endeavours of a range of vehicle manufacturers aimed at launching commercial FCEVs in the next couple of years.

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Additionally, the UK HFCA applauds Toyota’s vision and, in moving forward with innovative hybrid vehicle designs, now reaching the point that the petrol engine and petrol tank can be replaced with a fuel cell system and hydrogen storage for zero emission, ultra low carbon, motoring.

Dennis Hayter, UK HFCA Chairman, said: “We look forward to the launch of the Toyota FCEVs in the UK – it will be great news for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike, with FCEVs offering an enhanced driving experience (no engine noise and associated vibration; no range anxiety) and pedestrians benefitting from zero emissions and air quality improvement at the street level in city and urban areas across the UK.” 

UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association contributes to discussion on prospects for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles on Radio 4’s pm programme