The UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association welcomes Government plans to support hydrogen fuelled vehicles and associated infrastructure via its Ultra Low Emission Vehicles Strategy.  In line with the Government’s aim to establish the UK as a lead market for the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the UK HFCA is calling for a holistic and technology neutral approach which recognises the benefits which the full range of hydrogen fuelled vehicles offer.  Specifically:

  • The plug-in grant scheme, being technology neutral, should include provisions which allow the hydrogen fuelled cars of all types to be accommodated into the scheme as they become commercially available.
  • For the grant scheme to work, Government should acknowledge that a hydrogen infrastructure for refuelling the hydrogen vehicles is a pre-requisite. The infrastructure and vehicles are intimately associated.
  • The UKHFCA would welcome a time limited, appropriately funded support arrangement for hydrogen refuelling infrastructure to coincide with the rollout of hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

With global OEM’s planning to launch commercial fuel cell electric vehicles in the coming months, a clear and supportive policy framework will be critical to ensuring that the UK optimises its role in the early deployment of these zero emission vehicles which many observers see as the future of road transport.

As well as submitting written evidence (UK HFCA response to “Call for evidence on Government measures to support uptake of ultra low emission vehicles from 2015-2020.” (pdf) , and follow up feedback

(UK HFCA feedback to OLEV report “Investing in ultra low emission vehicles in the UK, 2015 to 2020”), the UK HFCA is also engaging directly with officials from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles and DECC.

Dennis Hayter, Chair of UK HFCA said: “We look forward to the publication of the Government’s detailed plan to support Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) in Autumn 2014. Our aim is to ensure that UK remains at the forefront of global and European markets for hydrogen fuelled vehicles.”

Amanda Lyne, Deputy Chair of UK HFCA added: “We’re happy to see Government’s commitment to hydrogen fuelled vehicles and are keen to see that all types and sizes of vehicles (passenger cars, taxis, buses, vans and two wheeled vehicles) are included in the Government’s ULEV plans. We’re confident that our ongoing engagement and input will help ensure appropriate provision for hydrogen fuelled vehicles and the required refuelling infrastructure.”


UK HFCA seeks holistic approach to support hydrogen fuelled vehicles