The UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (UK HFCA) was delighted to see the Government’s approval of the 5th Carbon Budget, endorsing the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) proposal to limit emissions to 57% lower than 1990 levels between 2028 and 2032 at 1,725MtCO2e. The announcement coincided with the publication of the 2016 CCC Progress Report, which sets out the areas where policy should be developed and strengthened to meet statutory budgets.

The UK HFCA has been campaigning vigorously for an explicit hydrogen and fuel cell strategy which acknowledges the role which hydrogen and fuel cells can play across the energy system, and is pleased to see specific acknowledgement of the need for this within the Report.  In highlighting the benefits that hydrogen and fuel cells bring to the decarbonisation of heat – both at the grid level and buildings sector – and the transport sector, the Report reinforces the importance of a whole systems approach, where synergies can be built upon and outcomes optimized.

Dennis Hayter, Chair of the UK HFCA said: “A holistic approach to decarbonisation, which includes hydrogen and fuel cells, as illustrated in the CCC’s Report, will help the UK to successfully and cost effectively achieve its Carbon Budgets. We will continue to advocate for hydrogen, as a game changing energy vector, and fuel cells, as energy conversion solutions, to ensure the realization of the low cost, low carbon and air quality benefits which they offer. In particular, our work with regional and related organisations, and Government and officials, are helping to shape a landscape and energy system where innovative low carbon UK companies can thrive and support economic growth.’

David Joffe, Team leader on Buildings and Industry at the Committee on Climate Change said: “Our annual progress report to Parliament, published last week, emphasises the need for new policies and strengthening of existing ones in order to meet future carbon budgets. Hydrogen and fuel cells could play an important role in meeting future emissions targets across a range of sectors, but will require a strategic approach to decarbonisation from the Government in their emissions reduction plan later this year.”




UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association

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UK HFCA welcomes Government’s adoption of 5th Carbon Budget and the 2016 CCC Progress Report