OLEV has announced Stage 2 of the Hydrogen for Transport Programme (HTP), which will commit up to £14m to fund up to ten hydrogen refuelling stations (HRSs) plus associated fleets – with projects to start in December 2018. Stage 2 has been designed to build on the successes of Stage 1, with the aim of expanding the UK’s network of HRS alongside the deployment of fuel cell vehicles. The first stage 1 of the HTP awarded £8.8 million to a project that will bring nearly 200 new FCEVs to the UK alongside additional HRS as well as upgrades to existing refuelling infrastructure. The deadline for submissions is 5th November, and you can read more at: https://ee.ricardo.com/htpgrants .

OLEV £14M Hydrogen for Transport Programme (HTP) – Stage 2 open