This SBRI competition focuses on the development of domestic hydrogen appliances to demonstrate the safe use of hydrogen as a fuel in providing domestic heating, hot water and cooking requirements. It aims to provide critical evidence of end use application, safety, in-use emissions, and functionality. The appliance types to be developed are boilers (combination and regular/system), cookers (stand-alone hobs, stand-alone ovens with grills and integrated freestanding cookers), fires (standard and mid-range) and innovative domestic hydrogen appliances. The total potential value of the Competition is up to £9.0m (excl. VAT) although BEIS may allocate less than this depending on the quality of the applications received. Up to 24 innovation projects will be funded through the competition (a maximum of two or three projects across each of the appliance types).

The Competition will be delivered in three main phases:
• Phase 1 (November 2018 to February 2019) – Solution design for a domestic hydrogen appliance to demonstrate that the concept appliance is viable. A maximum of £960k will be available in total for Phase 1 solution designs, up to a value of £30k per project. BEIS will be looking for a portfolio of appliance types and diversity of suppliers to support and encourage innovation.
• Phase 2a (April 2019 to March 2020) – Physical development of a first prototype (1.0) which will be tested for functionality and safety ready for demonstration trials. A maximum of £6.0m (excl. VAT) will be available in total for Phase 2a projects.
• Phase 2b (April 2020 to March 2021) – Further prototype development (2.0) ready for community trials and fully certified for use in an occupied home. A maximum of £2.0m (excl. VAT) will be available in total for Phase 2b projects.

Note that innovative hydrogen appliances could include fuel cell CHP. The closing date for applications is 5th October, with contract start date of 26th November. You can read more at: .

Hydrogen Appliance Development Innovation SBRI Competition (Hy4Heat Work Package 4) open