This 90-minute webinar hosted by Burgs Salmon focused on the latest developments in the global hydrogen market development, explored the work that the Hydrogen Council is engaged in with global investors, policy makers and industry, and provided an overview of the opportunities for hydrogen in the UK.

Pierre-Etienne Franc, Founding Member and Secretary of the Hydrogen Council, joined us to give a presentation. This was followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with representatives from Air Liquide, Ceres Power, Johnson Matthey, Anglo American and Burgess Salmon to investigate:

  • The impact of COVID on the transition to net zero;
  • The barriers in the market inhibiting hydrogen deployments;
  • How the UK can accelerate hydrogen deployments; and
  • How to promote economic opportunities for UK businesses to capture more of the economic value chain.

Watch the webinar in full here.

UK HFCA webinar ‘Hydrogen’s role in the post COVID recovery’ is now available on demand