We’re delighted to announce that the winner of the first Stewart Dow Memorial Award is Fiona Landy of the Hydrogen Accelerator. Fiona has been a champion for the hydrogen and fuel cell sector, and has been hugely instrumental in driving forward and deploying hydrogen and fuel cell solutions across Scotland and beyond. Her numerous efforts to bring others together to make things happen, and her role in getting a range of projects and other activities off the ground made her the clear choice as the first recipient of the award. As winner, Fiona will receive an annual membership of the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association and the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. Congratulations to Fiona, the first winner of the Stuart Dow Memorial Award.

Bramble Energy and Jacqui Staunton of Climate Change Solutions have been recognised as worthy runners-up. Their nominations stood out to the judges, highlighting their tireless work to support and progress the sector in various ways. Congratulations to Bramble Energy and Jacqui Staunton for all your efforts.

Winner of the first Stewart Dow Memorial Award Announced