Creo Internatioal, part of the Creo Group, is developing two new solar-hydrogen homes in the UK and Spain. The newly completed solar-hydrogen home in Kent, UK, is a four-bedroom, semi-detached house. Solar PV panels provide power to charge two 14 kwh batteries which in turn provide total power to the building and two AEM water electrolysers. Theses electrolysers generate hydrogen from excess solar energy. A hydrogen fuel cell uses the stored hydrogen to produce electrical power to charge the batteries when there is insufficient solar energy. 

In Malaga, the Creo hydrogen home is the first off-grid hydrogen powered home in Spain. The home has 600 sq metres of built space, with facilities including two heated pools and full air-conditioning. All amenities are powered by solar energy, and Creo’s power and heat hydrogen systems. The home is already under construction and is expected to be completed by summer 2021.

You can read the press release in full on the Creo Group website.

UK HFCA member Creo International announces first hydrogen power and heat residential projects