We’re excited to announce the 8 most recent additions to the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association!

Baker Botts is an international law firm with around 750 lawyers and offices in 14 locations (including London). Our practice is heavily focused on the energy and technology sectors and we have deep experience advising clients in the upstream, midstream and downstream markets across virtually all forms of energy, including oil & gas, LNG, conventional power, renewables, and hydrogen.

Clean Power Hydrogen Group Ltd (CPH2) has advanced the development of hydrogen as a green energy by demonstrating a new form of production. Established in 2016 by Dr. Nigel Williamson and Joe Scott,  CPH2 has conceived, patented, developed, and validated the Membrane-Free Electrolyser ™, an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable means of producing hydrogen, lowering the barriers to wide-scale adoption. This game-changing clean technology will drive decarbonisation of the transportation, power, and gas sectors accelerating the progress towards a zero-carbon future.

HiiROC’s technology produces zero-emission, low-cost hydrogen by decarbonising hydrocarbon gasses, enabling Hydrogen generation in locations where grid electricity is not sufficient for water electrolysis solutions. The company’s unique plasma process produces zero-emission Hydrogen at a price comparable with the current cheapest methods, whilst also creating a valuable solid carbon by-product. The HiiROC solution is compact, modular and scalable; from a single generation unit on a fuelling station forecourt, to large centralised Hydrogen production.

Low Dee is commercialising novel applications of two-dimensional materials. Some of our most promising IP is focused on using two-dimensional materials to improve proton exchange membranes and drastically increase the efficiency of fuel cells. This work began shortly after Sir Andre Geim won the Nobel Prize in physics for the discovery of graphene. He quickly realised that graphene was a proton conductor and together we created Low Dee with the expressed mission of using this technology to improve fuel cells.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the world’s largest manufacturer of lightweight high-pressure cylinders, are a leading designer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel storage systems across a full spectrum of industries globally. At Luxfer, we are dedicated to creating a greener world for future generations. We are working with a number of commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world to supply industry leading hydrogen cylinders and in many cases to design hydrogen fuel system to meet the highest technological and safety requirements. With over 150,000 alternative fuel cylinders in use and over 18,000 vehicles running with Luxfer alternative fuel cylinders, Luxfer are established as the go to supplier for cylinders and systems for alternative fuel solutions.

Northern Valve & Fitting Company Ltd are the only authorised distributor in the UK & Ireland for the complete range of products manufactured by FITOK. With a product portfolio covering Instrumentation (6,000psi, TWIN FERRULE), Medium & High Pressure (20K & 60K, CONE & THREAD), Ultra High Purity (VCR, VCO), Rigid Tubing & Sample Systems they have established themselves as a global brand associated with quality and value! NVFCL have a total of over 50 years’ experience in the supply of gas & fluid system components, working across most industries.

At Swagelok Manchester, we pride ourselves on how we deliver our products and services to our customers. Our business is underpinned by core values that ensure continued customer focus, teamwork, and innovation which we believe results in service standards that are the benchmark in our industry. Let us become your fluid system management partner helping you with all your fluid system responsibilities – from application engineering design support and high-quality product provision, to unique problem resolution through our fabrication team. Swagelok offers a wide range of fluid system components for use in many types of hydrogen-related applications including infrastructure that produces, transports, compresses and stores hydrogen, hydrogen FCEV, PEM electrolyser systems, MF electrolyser systems, compressor systems, dispensers, tube trailers, compressed hydrogen storage cylinders, research and development and hydrogen blending with methane.

tpgroup plc is a technology services business, working to make the world a safer place, employing more than 400 highly skilled individuals across six European countries. Our people deliver mission, business and safety-critical services and equipment across three high growth sectors – space, defence, and energy. We operate through three complimentary value streams: Consulting; Digital Solutions; and Bespoke Engineering Solutions.

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UK HFCA welcomes 8 new members