Column by Celia Greaves, CEO of the UK HFCA

The publication of the Government’s Transport decarbonisation plan is welcome, and we are pleased overall to see the Government’s high level of ambition when it comes to decarbonising the UKs transport network. The UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association looks forward to the release of the Government’s Hydrogen Strategy and further details on actions and timescales to ensure that hydrogen can realise its potential in decarbonising transport.

Industry and Government both recognise that Hydrogen and fuel cells can help to decarbonise HGVs, aviation, buses and rail on a large scale. As the Strategy details, the UK is well placed internationally to develop and deploy hydrogen based transport solutions for both our own decarbonisation needs and to supply overseas markets. But for this to happen, the right environment needs to be created for industry to grow. Investment needs to be made in scaling up / deploying hydrogen infrastructure and transport, developing the workforce (through a long term plan for STEM skills and training) and stimulating innovation, particularly in heavy modes. If this takes place quickly and at scale, hydrogen and fuel cell technology will be able to help the Government achieve its ambitious targets. Without such support for hydrogen and fuel cells, many of the Government’s ambitions when it comes to the decarbonisation of transport will be in danger of being missed.

UK HFCA commentary on the Transport decarbonisation plan