Clean Power Hydrogen was proud to host a visit to its new facility this week by the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons.

The Rt Hon Dame Rosie Winterton, Labour MP for Doncaster Central, visited CPH2’s new factory to find out more about the Company’s operations and its role in the growing UK hydrogen economy. The visit coincided with the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association’s (“UK HFCA”) Road to COP26 initiative campaign to promote the “Best of British” companies and technologies that will be at the forefront of decarbonising our planet.

Clean Power Hydrogen (“CPH2”) is a leading developer of Membrane-Free Electrolysers™ designed to produce green hydrogen and pure oxygen in a simple, safe, sustainable manner and at any scale.

CEO Jon Duffy, and Co-founder Dr. Nigel Williamson, welcomed the MP to take a tour of the new 29,000sq ft R&D and production facility at the Parkside Business Park, which opened in August 2021. Dame Rosie Winterton was able to view several of the 1MW Membrane-Free Electrolysers™ in production along with meeting some of the talented team of Chemists and Process Safety Engineers.

Dame Rosie Winterton said, “My visit to the new Clean Power Hydrogen facility in Parkside Business Park was enlightening and educational and I was deeply impressed by CPH2’s innovation and progress in creating an important part of the solution to our reliance on carbon intensive sources of energy. The approach the business has taken in developing the green hydrogen generating equipment is ingenious and I am proud that the Company calls Doncaster its home as it looks to grow the business. It was insightful to learn how this technology is ready to contribute not just to the UK’s net-zero ambitions but to global carbon emission reduction targets through a robust export strategy, providing a fantastic boost for local employment and the region’s supply chains. I look forward to following the successes of the Company going forward and wish them all the best as they continue to facilitate the production of green hydrogen throughout the UK.”

Jon Duffy, CEO CPH2 said, “CPH2 is proud to support the UK HFCA’s Road to COP26 campaign and to engage with Dame Rosie Winterton who has supported the South Yorkshire region in the development of hydrogen generated electricity. Green hydrogen is vital to the UK reaching its net-zero carbon target. Our Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ delivers the most sustainable way of producing the clean fuel of the future by using renewably generated electricity and combining it with sustainably resourced components and materials to produce our electrolysers.”

CPH2’s disruptive technology has caught the attention of the global hydrogen generation market with its unique membrane-free technology married with cryogenic separation. This patented coupling provides reduced stack complexity and costs but is as efficient and responsive to fluctuating power input as PEM, but with a considerably longer operational life of 25-years.

Commenting on the visit Celia Greaves, CEO of the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, said:We are delighted to see Dame Rosie Winterton visit CPH2 to hear more about the work that the business is doing and the key role that it plays in the UK’s hydrogen economy. Firms like CPH2 show that green hydrogen production is not only a solution for the future but is a technology that is happening here and now in Doncaster.”

The COP26 Climate Change Conference is taking place in Glasgow from 1 -12 November 2021. Its focus is on how the UK and the rest of the world will achieve their ambitious carbon emission reduction targets and how the rapid development of green hydrogen infrastructure could make a considerable contribution to global decarbonisation efforts. The time for green hydrogen is now and CPH2 is well-placed to be at the forefront of this supply chain.

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About CPH2

Clean Power Hydrogen (CPH2) is a leading developer of Membrane-Free Electrolysers™ designed to produce green hydrogen and pure oxygen in a simple, safe, sustainable manner and at any scale.

Dr. Nigel Williamson and Joe Scott established CPH2 (Ireland) in December 2012 with the ambition to help clean up the environment for our children and future generations. Entering the green technology sector, a high growth, and profitable market, they developed a Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ to produce hydrogen in the most cost-effective, reliable, sustainable, and scalable manner.

Hydrogen is widely recognised as being the green fuel of the future. It will enable populations and countries to attain true net-zero carbon status. CPH2 realised that the cleanest way to produce hydrogen was by membrane-free water electrolysis using cryogenic separation, and in doing so, it would be less expensive and more robust technology.

The company opened its Technology Innovation Centre in Doncaster, South Yorkshire in 2018 and following a period of rapid growth moved to a new 29,000sq ft R&D and Production facility in the Summer of 2021.

CPH2 won the ‘Hydrogen & Fuel Cells’ category at the Rushlight Awards 2020.

About the UK HFCA

The UK HFCA is the oldest and largest pan UK association, dedicated to supporting stakeholders across the entire value chain of both the Hydrogen sector and the Fuel Cell industry. Our members represent over 200,000 employees globally, with combined revenues over £400 billion, and cover the entire value chain from raw material sourcing, to supply chain and components, financing, professional services, B2B and consumer facing solutions. With over 15 years of experience, the UK HFCA is a leader in advocating for and accelerating the transition to Net Zero in the UK through the deployment of hydrogen & fuel cell solutions.

MP visits Clean Power Hydrogen to discuss Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ technology in Doncaster.