Address: Riverbank House, 1 Putney Bridge Approach, London SW6 3BQ

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Description: Alcazar is a research and analysis consultancy specializing in hydrogen and the energy transition.  We are highly skilled in predictive analytics and business intelligence within the renewables arena.  We appraise the commoditization of hydrogen across the entire value chain and its complex integration within the renewables generation framework; we analyse the impact of energy storage on smoothing imbalances between energy production and consumption; we explore the practical consequences of new green technologies in decreasing dependency on fossil fuels; we analyse the economic effects of the long-term shift in global and regional climate patterns; we scrutinize the cross-asset dependencies associated with energy distribution to optimize utilization; we study opportunities arising from the cross-over of electrification within the renewables energy framework.

Products and/or services: Our analysis, research and consulting in hydrogen, renewables and electrification includes:

  • Managing complex and interlaced financial risks in hydrogen
  • Hydrogen feedstock risk analysis
  • Scenario analysis of policy actions within the hydrogen ecosystem
  • Carbon intensity impact analysis
  • Commoditization and standardization consulting
  • ESG investing and analytical due diligence
  • Uncovering investment opportunities associated with the decarbonization process.

Notable achievements to date:

  • Alcazar was founded in 2012. We are a team of chartered physicists with more than 25years experience in the energy markets.
  • We advise utilities, hedge funds, governments and we are involved in academic research.
  • We are pioneers of the energy transition and some of the earliest participants in the carbon markets.
  • We are experts in developing models and capturing opportunities within the growing hydrogen ecosystem and renewables landscape.

For more information, please contact: Joaquin Narro, Managing Director,