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Description: BOC has been at the forefront of hydrogen mobility development in the UK. In 2011, we opened the first open access hydrogen refuelling station in Swindon, the result of a public/private partnership with Honda UK and Forward Swindon. In 2014 the site was further developed to become the first commercial scale production and refuelling station with the installation of an onsite electrolysis unit producing green hydrogen powered by solar. 

In 2015, we opened the UK’s largest hydrogen production and refuelling station for Europe’s largest hydrogen bus project with Aberdeen City Council. This station has recently completed over 3,000 refuelling events and shown that hydrogen refuelling can meet the high demands of a busy urban bus operation. 

Through the provision of our innovative refuelling technology we are also playing a part in the development of a UK hydrogen public refuelling network. In 2016, BOC signed a supply agreement for refuelling infrastructure with ITM Power, a UK based company rolling out an electrolyser based public refuelling network. Linde technology, supplied by BOC, will feature on six stations in the UK to begin with, including the first UK hydrogen station on a public fuel forecourt at Shell’s Cobham service station on the M25.

Products and/or services: With support from BOC’s parent company, Linde, hydrogen infrastructure projects can be implemented in an efficient, sustainable and professional manner: We can provide complete hydrogen solutions – offering everything you need, from reliable H2 supply and cutting-edge fuelling station systems to customised services. 

Together, we plan, design and build high-performance plants, help you with commissioning, supply gaseous (CGH2) or liquid hydrogen (LH2) or produce it on site. And thanks to our vast network of maintenance and service technicians, we also ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability.

Notable achievements to date:

  • In 2011, we opened the first open access hydrogen refuelling station at Honda, in Swindon.
  • In 2015 we opened the UK’s largest hydrogen production and refuelling station for Europe’s largest bus project with Aberdeen City Council.
  • In 2019 we made an investment into ITM Power to enable us to offer green hydrogen turnkey solutions
  • In 2020, we formed an MOU with Scottish Power Renewables and ITM Power for the development of a 20MW Green Hydrogen production facility in Glasgow.

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