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bp’s purpose is to reimagine energy for people and our planet. It has set out an ambition to be a net zero company by 2050, or sooner, and help the world get to net zero, and has announced its strategy for delivering on that ambition.

bp aims to become a leader in delivering efficient decarbonisation solutions, particularly through hydrogen. bp’s aim is to capture 10% of the clean hydrogen market in core markets by 2030.

bp believes that hydrogen has a critical role to play in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and that hydrogen’s versatility is an important asset which can improve the resilience and flexibility of the whole energy system.

Green and blue hydrogen are an essential complement to electrification of global energy systems – with a key role in hard-to-abate transport and industrial sectors. The technology is advancing; our understanding is developing every day and government support is building momentum.

Products and/or services:

  • Hydrogen production – electrolysis and electrolysis or gas reforming with CO2 capture
  • Fuel handling – fuel systems, fuel processing, tube trailers and storage tanks
  • Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure – on site, permanent
  • Stationary applications – off-grid solutions, hydrogen combustion for industrial applications
  • Integrated energy systems, including with renewables

bp’s hydrogen experience:

  • Today, bp safely produces and processes 600,000 tonnes of hydrogen p.a. in its refineries. In the early 2000s, bp, with its partners, built a hydrogen refuelling station in Hornchurch UK, as well as China’s first hydrogen refuelling station, and refuelling stations in Germany through its Aral brand
  • Since the early 2000s, bp has built hydrogen refuelling facilities for transportation, including:
    • a hydrogen station in the UK which provided liquid hydrogen delivery and storage (dispensed as compressed gas) to three Transport for London buses operating in London
    • bp’s Aral brand, along with our partners in Germany, built and operated hydrogen refuelling stations at Munich, Berlin and Hamburg airports. Berlin’s refuelling station included the first fully integrated hydrogen refuelling station with onsite electrolysers, hydrogen storage, and delivery of liquified and gaseous hydrogen for transportation vehicles
    • Installed and operated China’s first hydrogen fuel station in the Beijing International Hydrogen Park through our SinoHytec JV in 2006

bp’s recent hydrogen announcements:

  • bp and Ørsted partnership to build a wind-powered, 50 MW electrolyser, planned to be operational in 2024, which could be sufficient to replace more than 20% of bp’s Lingen refinery current grey hydrogen consumption
  • bp is planning the UK’s largest hydrogen project, H2Teesside which would be the largest in the UK, producing up to 1GW of ‘blue’ hydrogen – 20% of the UK’s hydrogen target – by 2030 and supporting development of region as UK’s first hydrogen transport hub
  • bp, Evonik, Nowega, OGE and RWE Generation are partnering to jointly develop the GetH2 project which will produce green hydrogen as well as create the first publicly accessible hydrogen infrastructure in Germany
  • bp is one of the H-Vision partners in the Port of Rotterdam, which aims to decarbonise industry in the port area, mainly through the use of blue hydrogen to reduce CO2 emissions by 6 megatons by 2030
  • bp and Nouryon are partnering to develop a planned 250 MW electrolyser at the Port of Rotterdam, expected to become operational in 2025, using offshore wind power to produce up to 45,000 tonnes of green hydrogen p.a.
  • bp is leading project GERI (Geraldton Export-Scale Renewable Investment) feasibility study, funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). This project is considering a pilot-scale 20,000 tonnes p.a. green ammonia plant selling into domestic markets that could lead to a 1,000,000 tonnes p.a. (1.5 GW capacity), export-oriented green ammonia plant.

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