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CPH2 has advanced the development of hydrogen as green energy by demonstrating a new form of production. The CPH2 solution is an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable means of producing green hydrogen, lowering the barriers to wide-scale adoption, and accelerating the progress towards a zero-carbon future. Established in Ireland in 2012, CPH2’s vision is to be the leading developer and manufacturer of green hydrogen technologies. To reduce the creation of harmful emissions by participating in the growth of the hydrogen economy.

Products and/or services:

The technology combines our Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ (MFE) with cryogenic separation to deliver pure hydrogen and pure oxygen as separate gases. The system is simple, safe, and sustainable. Made from readily available, reusable, or recyclable materials, and does not require precious metals such as Palladium or Platinum for membranes or powerful catalysts. Mitigating the risk of membrane failure, providing longevity and reliability, and is scalable from 1MW for a wide variety of applications.

Notable achievements to date:

  • Delivered and commissioned Ireland’s first-ever electrolyser for green hydrogen production
  • Raised £3m from private investors.
  • Joint Venture with B9 Energy to manufacture and distribute the Membrane-Free Electrolyser to the UK and worldwide from a base in Northern Ireland.
  • Awarded a Smart Grant of £338k by Innovate UK.
  • Winner of the ‘Hydrogen & Fuel Cells’ category at the Rushlight Awards

For more information, please contact:

Jon Duffy, CEO

Qamar Khan, Business Development

Samantha Lee, Marketing Manager