Address: 160, Great North Road, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL9 5JW, UK

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Description: Diffusion Alloys is a leading independent protective surface coatings provider for metal alloys operating under harsh conditions. Our proprietary diffusion coatings and processing methods are developed in parallel with our customer’s requirements enabling our coatings to be at the forefront of metal degradation protection.

Our diffusion coatings protect against metal degradation from high temperature oxidation, sulfidation, coking, carburisation, metal dusting, hydrogen permeation and the leaching of chromium, and are deployed across a range of industries.

The company’s diffusion aluminide coating has been a critical and cost-effective solution to degradation issues in a number of clean technology applications, notably in specific steam reformer, SOFC, SOE designs and renewable energy storage.  

Products and/or services:

  • Diffusion coatings
    • Aluminising
    • Chromising
    • Boronising
    • Thermal spray – McrAlY
  • Full technical capabilities and support including SEM
  • Unrivalled component dimension coating capability: from mm up to 18m in length

Notable achievements to date:

  • Seven hydrogen generation reformer units aluminised in the last five years
  • Long term supplier to major SOFC manufacturer
  • In development with key European clean technology companies, including SOE and other forms of renewable energy storage.
  • R&D in progress to sustainably improve our product offering

For more information, please contact: Lisa Randall, Managing Director,