Address: 15 Carnarvon Street, Manchester, England, M3 1HJ

Description: Low Dee is commercialising novel applications of two-dimensional materials. Some of our most promising IP is focused on using two-dimensional materials to improve proton exchange membranes and drastically increase the efficiency of fuel cells. This work began shortly after Sir Andre Geim won the Nobel Prize in physics for the discovery of graphene. He quickly realised that graphene was a proton conductor and together we created Low Dee with the expressed mission of using this technology to improve fuel cells. By incorporating a two-dimensional material such as graphene into a fuel cell ionomer membrane, the thickness and impedance can be greatly reduced, leading to a higher power output of the fuel cell.  We have extensive global IP in this area which makes us uniquely placed to usher in a large step change in industry fuel cell performance.

Products and/or services: We are developing a novel membrane for PEMFCs which incorporates single-layer graphene with the ionomer. The membrane offers lower thickness and lower impedance while maintaining lower crossover as compared with industry standard membranes.

We offer licensing agreements to develop and use these membranes in fuel cells.  

Notable achievements to date:

  • Patents granted in all major territories; numbers WO2017017433A3 and WO2016042309A1.
  • Significant reduction in the thickness and impedance of membranes compared with industry standards

For more information, please contact:

Joel Fruhman, CEO,

James Devine-Stoneman, Project Manager,