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Address: Gables Lodge, 62 Kenilworth Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 6JX

Description: We are primarily a power generation company providing ancillary services to National Grid Electricity System Operator in the UK. We are increasingly looking at the ability to supply such services using hydrogen as the base fuel. Whilst this can be done by fuel cells, the competitive market for these services makes this solution look uneconomic in the short and medium term. We are therefore looking at ways to burn hydrogen as a replacement fuel in existing and new conventional engines. The learning from this and success will translate readily into large engines used in other applications, obvious examples being marine, rail, and HGVs.

Products and/or services: We build own and operate power plants and gird scale battery systems to supply energy grid support services. In this sector we are looking to provide such services using hydrogen and therefore will be looking to develop, design and potentially supply the required conversion technologies.

Notable achievements to date:

  • Joint development project with Cranfield University to look at the ability to burn a high percentage of hydrogen in a conventional diesel engine
  • Good relationship with several large engine manufacturers who are very interested in the potential outcomes of this work and supporting us in the next stage
  • BEIS are aware of our proposed work in this area and will be kept informed of progress to enable broader engagement and support in follow on stages

For more information, please contact: Mark Draper,