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Petrofac is a leading international service provider to the energy industry, with a diverse client portfolio. We have been designing, building, managing, operating, and maintaining infrastructure for clients across the energy sector for 40 years.

Our track record for safe and reliable delivery is underpinned by cost-effective, innovative, and tailored delivery models that focus on driving in-country value. We have supported hundreds of projects and assets across the Middle East, North Africa, UK, Australia, India, South East Asia, and the United States.  

Products and/or services: 

Our services span the asset lifecycle, from initial concept, technology selection and front-end engineering through engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance, decommissioning, and training. 

Our team supports developments across the energy sector. We leverage our oil and gas experience to the benefit of new energy developments, including blue and green hydrogen production, offshore wind transmission platforms, carbon capture and storage and bio-diesel and waste to energy plants.  We apply our experience as an EPC contractor and asset operator to enhance our engineering and consultancy project delivery. It enables us to provide our clients with safe, constructible and operable designs along with set costs and schedules, supporting the trouble-free transition to financial close. 

We deliver excellence across our services. But it is when we integrate them that we can drive the most value for our clients. By supporting across the earliest project stage, into execution and operations, we establish ultra-efficient operational processes, manage risk-free handover between project phases and ensure that the right decisions are made at the right time to ensure safe and successful future operations.

Products and/or services:  Please refer to the UK HFCA member products and services matrix, available on the Member Directory page.

Notable achievements to date:

Arrowsmith Green Hydrogen Plant​

  • In 2020 Petrofac was awarded the FEED for the Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant Stage I. It is designed to produce 25 tonne/day of green hydrogen from raw water using electrolysis and renewable energy sourced from an onsite solar and wind farm with green grid connection back-up​
  • Awarded by Infinite Blue Energy Group (IBE), our scope of work includes reviewing the conceptual work carried out on the project to date and the execution of the FEED study. The scope will be undertaken by Petrofac’s teams in Perth, Western Australia and Woking, England
  • The project location is 320 km north of Perth WA (with ample room for expansion potential for additional phases.)​
  • The project is planned to produce Green Hydrogen at 25 t/day, delivered as compressed Hydrogen to market​
  • The energy source is on site solar (85 MW) and wind farms (13 @ 6 MW = 78 MW)​
  • The project plans to deliver the Hydrogen to the local transportation market (Prime Movers, Buses and Passenger vehicles)​
  • Avoided CO2e emissions 83,103 t/annum​
  • The FEED was completed in early 2021 and Petrofac is now supporting the transition from FEED to execute phase.  This includes improvement and optimisation studies and developing the long-lead Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) material requisitions.
  • The project is expected to commence production by the end of 2022

Feasibility study: large scale hydrogen ​production by electrolysis

  • Development and costing of process designs for the production of 120,000 Nm3/h of Hydrogen using electrolyser technology ​
  • Two types of design, one using Atmospheric Electrolysers operating at 0.08 barg and the other using Pressurised Electrolysers operating at approximately 30 barg​
  • Delivery for Hydrogen Technologies, ​a wholly-owned subsidiary of Equinor​

US certification for atmospheric electrolysers

  • Provisions of knowledge and expertise on the certification of the atmospheric electrolyser equipment and components in order to meet U.S requirements for ultimate sale in the U.S.A​
  • The units were bi-polar atmospheric pressure electrolysers up to 485 Nm3/h​
  • Delivery for NEL Hydrogen​

Pale Blue Dot

  • Petrofac’s Engineering and Production Services (EPS) business has been awarded an Engineering and Project Management Office support contract for the Acorn project.
  • EPS will provide Project Management systems and technical support during the Front-End Engineering Design for Acorn Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), and the Concept Select for Acorn Hydrogen, both part of the exciting developments planned at the St Fergus gas terminal near Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
  • Acorn CCS was awarded the UK’s first CO2 appraisal and storage license by the Oil and Gas Authority. It will establish CO2 mitigation infrastructure essential for meeting the Scottish and UK Government Net Zero targets. Through Acorn Hydrogen, North Sea natural gas would be reformed into clean hydrogen, with CO2 emissions safely mitigated through the Acorn CCS infrastructure.

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