Address: Unit 5 & 6 Merchants Quay, Pennygillam Industrial Estate, Launceston, Cornwall, UK

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  • Twitter – @TFPhydrogen
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Description: TFP Hydrogen Products Ltd specialises in the manufacturing and development of electrochemical materials, particularly for the hydrogen economy. We produce a wide selection of materials for hydrogen technologies including PEM & Alkaline water electrolysis materials, catalysts for fuel cells and electrolysis and coatings for corrosion resistance and electrodes for the full range of electrochemical processes. We are part of Technical Fibre Products and share both their strong focus on sustainability and ethos of working collaboratively with suppliers, partners and customers to develop materials which are developed and optimised for a specific application.

Products and/or services: We offer a range of catalysts, component coatings and electrodes for fuel cell, water electrolysis and other electrochemical technologies, these include:

  • Cost effective coatings for PEM electrolyser components which increase the efficiency, durability and lifetime of the system, ultimately reducing the long term cost of green hydrogen production. Our coatings are specially formulated to improve the performance and long term durability of titanium components including foils, porous media, plates & meshes.
  • High-performing range of catalyst powders for use in the production of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), gas diffusion electrodes (GDEs) and catalyst coated membranes (CCMs.  Our customers use these catalysts in fuel cells, batteries, water treatment technologies, water electrolysers and many more product areas. Our catalysts are highly dispersible into inks and include IrO2 and IrRuOwhich are available in unsupported (catalyst black) form, as well as platinum and platinum-alloy catalysts supported in a wide range of carbons, graphites and graphenes.

Notable achievements to date:

  • Founded in 2011, expanded to larger premises in 2015 and joined the Technical Fibre Products group in 2021.
  • ISO 9001 (2015) certified from 2017
  • SW Micro Business of the Year 2018
  • In receipt of numerous Innovate UK and Horizon 2020 innovation grants

For more information, please contact: Dr. David Hodgson, Managing Director,