Address: University of Ulster, Cromore Road, Coleraine BT52 1SA, UK

(Prof V Molkov, University of Ulster, Newtownabbey, Shore Road, Block 27 (HySAFER), BT37 0QB, UK)

Description: HySAFER is one of key ‎providers of hydrogen safety research, engineering and education globally. It has been formally established in 2008 by Prof Molkov following the successful participation in EU Network of Excellence “Safety of hydrogen as an energy carrier (NoE HySafe)“ (2004-2009). The focus in research is on theoretical and numerical methods and close collaboration with international centres of excellence in experimental studies. HySAFER was invited by Imperial College to champion hydrogen safety research in the UK through the EPSRC ‎SUPERGEN H2FC Hub. HySAFER leads doctoral education in hydrogen safety in the UK through two ‎EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training. £10M of external funding through 30 national and European ‎projects, all related to hydrogen safety (2004-2020).‎ 130 person-years of accumulated knowledge and experience in hydrogen safety since 2004.

Products and/or services:

  • Research to close knowledge gaps and address technological bottlenecks in hydrogen safety
  • Consultancy by hydrogen safety engineering of inherently safer hydrogen systems and infrastructure
  • Licensing of breakthrough safety technology of explosion free in a fire TPRD-less tanks for different applications
  • Short courses on hydrogen safety tailored for customer needs
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Development (Hydrogen Safety) by distance learning:

Notable achievements to date:

  • Invention of ‎explosion free in a fire TPRD-less tanks for high-pressure hydrogen storage.
  • Publication of the only book in the area “Fundamentals of hydrogen safety engineering” (V Molkov,, fee download)
  • The impact of HySAFER activities is mainly through contribution to Regulations, Codes and Standards, e.g. through activities of:
    • UN ECE Global Technical Regulation on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles #13 ‎‎(Phase 2) IWG SGS;
    • ISO/TC197 Hydrogen Technologies;
    • CEN/CLC/JTC6 Hydrogen in Energy ‎Systems;
    • BSI PVE/003/08 Gas containers – Hydrogen technologies, etc.
  • HySAFER participates actively in international groupings related to hydrogen safety:
    • Hydrogen Europe ‎Research,
    • European Hydrogen Safety ‎Panel,
    • Regulations Codes and Standards Strategy Coordination Group of Fuel Cell and ‎Hydrogen Joint Undertaking,
    • International ‎Association for Hydrogen Safety (Chairing the Education Committee), etc.

For more information, please contact: Prof Vladimir Molkov,