Membership is open to all UK registered organisations and individuals who support the mission and objectives of the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. A tiered membership structure allows members to choose their level of participation. Applications for membership will be approved by the Executive Management Committee.

The below table contains more information on membership categories, specific benefits and subscription fees.

Please click here for more information on member benefits. Note that the text beneath the table outlines the criteria assigned to certain membership options.

Related Organisation Small company *1 University / educational establishment / micro company *2
Brokerage Opportunities
Shape the Direction and Focus of the UK HFCA
Shape the Direction and Focus of the UK HFCA
Access to UK HFCA Events
Improve Access to and Awareness of Funding Opportunities
Contribute to a Shared, Powerful Voice to Influence Policy and
Decision Making
Have Greater Awareness of Development and Business Opportunities
Better Access to Marketing and Promotion Opportunities
Automatic Membership
of the Executive Committee
(excluding VAT)
£6,900 £3,500 £3,500 £1,150 £580

*1 Where a small company is one with 10-50 employees

*2 Where a micro company is one with 10 or fewer staff

There is an opportunity for 4 non-executive level members to be elected by the membership to the Executive Management Committee.

If you’d like to register to join, please complete and return our Registration Form. You can download a Word version of our registration form here. Please note registration includes confirmation of acceptance of our Constitution.