This page contains all documents published by Fuel Cells UK and UK Hydrogen Association prior to the merger in June 2010. Click on the links below to access archives of:


The following resources provide further information on fuel cells, the UK fuel cell sector, our events and campaigning messages:

The UK development and deployment roadmap

Download the Roadmap (2mb pdf)

The Roadmap was developed to accelerate the commercialisation of fuel cell technologies within the UK, and to ensure that the UK derives maximum benefit from that process. This applies not only to industry, but also to the research community, Government (national, regional and local) and society at large. It comprises:

The Roadmap was developed in consultation with industry and other stakeholders.

Responses to consultations and submissions

As part of our ongoing dialogue with Government and other key stakeholders, we regularly provide both formal responses to Consultations and other submissions in areas of relevance to our sector. Recent examples include:

Position papers

Our position papers represent a consensus view from across our membership on topics of relevance to the UK fuel cell community, and help to define our campaigning position. They cover:

Briefing materials

Our briefing materials have been developed to promote the case for fuel cells to different stakeholder groups. They cover:

UK fuel cell capabilities

Download the latest Capabilities Guide (pdf)

UK companies play a major role in the global fuel cell industry. The knowledge and expertise of the industry spans the full length of the commercial value chain, from R&D to systems integration, and from finance to servicing. Many of these capabilities have been developed in partnership with companies and organisations from across the world.

The UK’s industrial strengths are complemented by a world-renowned science and technology base that is continuously delivering innovation into this dynamic industry and over 35 research UK organisations are highly active in fuel cell and hydrogen research.

Our guide contains profiles of members of Fuel Cells UK, and has been developed to promote the UK fuel cell sector and stimulate new partnerships and collaborations. Information on expertise and track record, as well as contact details, are provided.

Press Releases



United Kingdom Hydrogen Association Policy Paper

Regional Coordination

The UKHA held a second Regional Coordination Workshop UK at Birmingham University, on 27 November 2008. The purpose of the Workshop was to work towards the establishment of a coordinated UK-wide H2 & FC project, and to provide early critical information to inform a UK Hydrogen Energy Roadmap.

Hydrogen Factsheets

Hydrogen Standards and Regulation

Listed below are some hydrogen resources relating to standards and regulations in the UK and internationally.