Fuel cells and hydrogen energy can:

  • Contribute substantially to a global low carbon economy
  • Help achieve UK’s Clean Growth and Net-Zero targets
  • Lead the decarbonisation of ‘hard-to-abate’ sectors such as heavy industry, heavy transport and heating
  • Improve urban air quality and consequently, the health of urban populations
  • Help to overcome the intermittent nature of renewables and deliver improved power management
  • Deliver environmental and economic benefits across various sectors, including power generation, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics
  • Contribute to the alleviation of fuel poverty through superior efficiency relative to conventional technologies (particularly when used in CHPs)
  • Enhance energy security by allowing a wider choice of fuels, extending the life of fossil fuels and optimising renewable energy sources
  • Deliver secure and affordable power systems for remote communities, eliminating demand for the use of conventional diesel generators